My New Life Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center’s mission is to create a continuum of care for those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. We promote new methods to insure recovery imbue our clients life skills of personal responsibility, accountability and self-respect for those who suffer from alcohol and drug abuse. My New Life Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center envisions a world that is committed to a lifestyle of well-being, including a sense of being free from drugs and alcohol while being free in mind and love at heart. At My New Life, we believe that every individual has their own exclusive need and that is why our program is built in a manner that is personalized for each client. We offer an addiction recovery program that utilizes a holistic approach to treat alcoholism and drug addiction. My New Life outpatient addiction recovery program ensures a safe and sober environment that allows for the rehabilitation of addiction while also tackling dual diagnosis.

In its efforts to provide impeccable service, My New Life Outpatient Addiction Recovery Program has partnered up with Inner Growth Recovery, a sober living house, located right next door.

As a team of experts, we know that recovery is an ongoing process. It doesn't end when you choose sobriety or leave a rehab facility. As you return to the familiarity of home, work and friends, you must think and act in a completely unfamiliar way. That is why we have created a new holistic treatment program:

My New Life is an addiction recovery program that understand All of Your Needs during recovery to offer a Lasting Recovery.

My New Life Outpatient Addiction Recovery Center is dedicated to building a world where wellness is every body's lifestyle. The Intensive Outpatient program is a 90 days program that treats alcohol/drug addiction for adults. My New Life offers a Comprehensive Treatment Program combining:

....... Scientific, Tangible, Result-oriented Methods
Traditional and Innovative Psychotherapy Approaches
Motivational Interviewing
Holistic Body and Mind Approaches
Nutritional Education
Family Education & Involvement
Extensive Aftercare and Follow Up

You might have tried many recovery program in the past, but went back to drugs and alcohol after a while. At My New Life we believe unless the recovery program does not satisfy all the mental, physical and spiritual needs of a person, its result will not last long. We help you learn to be:

Addiction- Free in Mind, Healthy in Body, Balanced in Spirit.

In fact, the through attention of My New Life Center to work on all aspects of recovery makes it stand out from usual rehab centers and treatments.At My New Life Center, an Individualized Treatment Plan will be designed for your specific needs with your collaboration and agreement.

We help you discover how to practice compassion and care towards yourself and others. We give you a through support to take the path of recovery while you continue your life at home, keep your work, and go to school.

Make the commitment to change your life forever. And let the experts at my new life employ years of experience with addiction help you be the next free person. Call now to speak with one of our representatives: 818-609-9989

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